You own your own data.
You decide what happens.




Mediaplatforms all want to build stronger customer relationships, enrich user-profiles, convert non-paid users and rise ad-revenues by targeted marketing.

The Playwall provides the opportunity to collect all the needed data in order to achieve the above propositions. We offer a transparent and open way to interact with your audience and get insights into both their demographical as psychographical information. We strongly believe every news organization knows best what they would like to know about their audience. But instead of collecting this information without your users knowing, we offer a way that let’s you communicate with them in a direct and transparent way.  




Our motto accounts for both you as a media organisation as for your users. For you because you are no longer depending on partnership with third-party data collectors. For your users because they are now in charge of what data they’d like to give away. In that respect The Playwall functions as an interactive portal between you and your users. 

This is important because users are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of online privacy. On top of that the General Data Protection (GDPR) will be implemented in May 2018. A set of rules that applies to privacy rights across all of Europe. This increases mediaplatforms’ awareness on how to handle data and sensitive information. The Playwall provides mediaplatforms an alternative route to stay informed about the needs and desires of their users. 

Our research has shown that when there's open communication about what data is being collected the mere percentage of users is willing to give away that information.

You own your own data.

You decide what happens.




Annefleur Schipper (Founder)

Amber Kortzorg (Co-founder)

Nina van Hattum (Co-founder)

Camille Niessen (Development)

Michelle Gemmekes (UX/UI Design)